Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tech Link (Overclock): Air cooled Presler XE benchmarked at 4.27 GHz

While I usually just dismissed tINQ's posting as rumors, there are still some of the articles there, that if you look hard enough, that are quite ok. They actualy write articles there, so just be on the lookout for a few good postings. Among this few is tINQ's article about an aircooled overclocked Intel® Pentium® Processor Extreme Edition 955, a dual core Extreme Edition Presler Core with 2x2MB L2 Cache. Here's the snippet:
Again, for a dual-chip MCM with two hot CPUs and shared three-load FSB, 3.46 GHz Presler XE overclocks incredibly even on thin air, if you give it a device to dissipate heat into that thin air efficiently (like the Zalman heat sink here). The 23% CPU overclocking, from 3.467 to 4.267 GHz should give you anywhere between 15% and 20% actual speedup on most apps - remember these cores have big 2 MB caches each, so a lot of stuff can be accessed from within at full clock speed. Also, by swapping the CPUs, I proved to myself that the chips themselves seem to consistently scale up to this speed, i.e. while it is not guaranteed of course, many Presler XE's should be able to do this kind of clock speed in stable everyday operation with a top-notch heat sink.


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