Thursday, January 12, 2006

Rant: When will the sucking stop?

AMD has been really sucking so bad, they are doing everything just to get the limelight. When will they ever stop? I mean, hey, grow up and be professional. Reviews comparing Intel top dog versus AMD top dog abound (but a quick look at the test bed *cough* one clue *cough* is memory timing *cough* and you'll know why 955XE may have fared a little poorer) and yet, that still didn't made them to stop sucking. No, it's not really about the reviews, I could care less about the results when you look at the test setup, it's almost a given looking at that. At least, the reviewers are posting test setup, though their thoughts are always bias and will always disregard the Ghz vs PR battle and focuses on Ghz vs Ghz, which is crap anyway.

"But if it's not the review, then what makes them suck even more?" you may ask youselves. Well it's simple, they copied Intel®'s idea about the Intel® Viiv and came up with their own AMD Live. Wow, wow, wow...sucker to the max. Not only do they copy the idea, they even named it to sound like Viiv. Now, anyone remembers when one tech writer (yes, just one) writes about how Intel® may have copied AMD's 64bit implementation? Wow, the Internet world was like shaken by intensity 10000 earthquake, every fanboy on the other camp was like "OMGWTF, they copied it" etc etc etc. That's how AMD (and most of its fans) are like, sucker to the max and thirsty for attention. They will try to steal attention like what they are doing at IDF. They just suck so bad.

And oh, this one is good. Intel® has a new tagline, and of course, with the new tagline, it's only natural to have a website on that URL right? Now try to click the links below, another sign of suckiness and copycat in its uber form. Be the judge:

Now imagine of Intel has done the same, wow, the world will come to an end as we know as soon as AMD fanboys began complaining how Intel was such a sore copycat loser. *NOT*

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