Thursday, January 26, 2006

Brag: First Month Anniversary

Wohooo! I can't believe I can make it thru the first month. I know and actually planned to make this Blog to last only two weeks. But things changed, I can't believe I really have time to post Blog regularly, not necessarily everyday, but at least frequently.
The last time I've been busy with updating website is during the time when cellphone logos are hard to find, ridiculously priced, and virtually out of the scene where I live (that was circa '97-'99) and I was sending logos across the world almost everyday for free.

Anyway, so I started posting in the web again, and while there are so many typos and grammatical errors, I really could care less now. I usually just re-read and correct them when I see any mistake. I can't help to make mistakes as I usually just make my Blog entry at the Blogger site and too lazy to spell check.

In celebration of my pimping spree for a month, I decided to treat myself for a celebration and a gift. Well, the celebration is this posting, and the gift is *drum rolls*, a new 88x31 icon. Anyone who wants to link to my site can use that icon. It's not spiffy, it's not even pretty, but the best part is that I made it myself, a true FanBoy act if I may call it in its truest form. And if you haven't noticed where the icon is, crap, it's in the first paragraph above and you should be seeing it anywhere on the right side (I still am not sure where to place it). Anyone and everyone is free to link to my site, and use the icon. But don't edit it please, just use it as is.

And before I forgot, thanks everyone, for giving me a 2000+ hits within a month's operation! That's not much compared to what known websites are getting, but 2k hits for me is a big achievement already.

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