Friday, October 05, 2007

Brag: 8Core Penryn, Yorkfield FTW

Yep, I just got back to posting my regular bragging blog. But hey, it's not like I'm not absent for like a month so sorry for that. Anyway, this CPU-Z has been taken quite a long time and I haven't posted it so just to celebrate my "comeback", I posted it for all to see.

If anyone is wondering, this is the server version of the processor I posted just below this post (yes, tha's like more than a month old). Check it out and join me with my drooling.

And yes, I'm back again in posting, but I can't be sure if I can post as regularly as possible. Things have gotten more interesting in my life and well, it takes a lot of my time. But that's good!! Till next bragging...