Monday, February 20, 2006

Tech Link (Operating System): The Eight (8) Flavors of Microsoft* Vista*

Well, I guess this can not be helped as more and more users are using this OS across the globe, and it's clearly that a "One-Size-Fit-All" OS is not the way to go. Even now, there's already five(5) versions of the popular OS being used namely Home Edition*, Professional*, Media Center Edition*, Tablet PC Edition*, and Professional x64 Edition*. All of these are geared towards a broad spectrum of users and usage.

This time around, there are even more flavors. Aside from multitude of user preference and usage practice, other external factors such as government regulations have spawned even more diverse version of operating system. Below are the list of the upcoming versions of Microsoft* Vista*

Windows Starter 2007: Judging from the name, it's not a full-blown Vista* as it lacks the Aero graphics display and works on 32bit platform.

Window Vista Home Basic: Two shipping versions is currently in the roadmap: North American (N) and European (EU) version. This version of Vista*, as the name imply, is the very basic building block for which all other versions will be based on. The EU version will not have a Windows Media Player (and is called Home Basic N*) due to antitrust rulings against Microsoft that do not allow a media player to be included. You may treat it as a Windows* XP Home*....

Windows Vista Home Premium: It's the Home Basic* plus media functionality. The counterpart should be the Media Center Edition*.

Windows Vista Business: It's for the regular power users, and IT guys. Much like the XP Professional Edition* of today. The EU version again will lack the media player.

Windows Vista Enterprise: It's for the uber geek. It's got all the functionalities of Vista Business*, then with support for virtual PC, multi-language UI, and uber encryption technology. On the other hand, the name reminds me of Startrek*, gah...

Windows Vista Ultimate: Wow, Microsoft* fanboyism at its best. Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh. I bet the guy/gal who coined this term over at Microsoft* is now drooling over his/her godlike powers. Who could ever go wrong getting this one? It's supposed to have all the powers and might of all OS versions below, and then more! It's like, a version of OS that can be optimized to the fullest! It's for us super geeks!


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