Saturday, January 28, 2006

Tech Link (Industry): Thermaltake Take Off!

It seems like Thermaltake, the well known PC component cooling company, is going to a different direction. If you have seen the new Intel® website, then you'd say there's a similarity.

I tried sifting thru Thermaltake's site and see if there's any announcement about the company's direction, new plans, goals or whatever related to the site facelift that will signify a revamped vision for the company, and found a very brief announcement. If anything, the new "splash" portion of the site is captivating, and livelier. Where they used to have a normal product listings and news offering for their Home site's index, they now have a "portal splash" page that is geared towards "human emotion" rather than focusing purely on hardware brawn.

As per Thermaltake Press Release, they are changing to enhance their image, provide a more localized content, and expand their offerings beyond cooling and include storage options. Just to test drive it, I made a quick tour of the new site, and I did find lots of things that are interesting. While the new site layout brings easier navigation, it's the product offerings that has captured my senses. Who wouldn't be captivated by their new iFlash Mini fan, iFlash 12 fan and their ever succesful series of Hardcano, the new Hardcano 14.

I highly suggest you take a gander over at their homesite and check their new offerings. They have a lot to offer, ranging from coolers, to chassis, and now, even storage options as is incarnated by the sleek and great looking Eclipse DV that has a built in CDRW/DVD Combo drive. Join me with the drooling and check them out.


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