Saturday, March 11, 2006

Brag: Intel® Pentium® Processor Extreme Edition 955 and Intel® Desktop Board D975XBX Teaser

I have been slacking for the last months, and my toys have been left rather undisturbed. Actually, the term abandoned is much more closer to the truth rather than undisturbed. I have been slacking in terms of bragging, and posting in the forum. Life, as it seems, is always catching up with me since the new year dawned. There's just too many things to do at work and with the family, and so little time for myself. Not that it's bad though.

Anyway, I manage to get up this morning and try something different. I have been focusing on the value and mainstream boards and processors lately, and the primary reason is that these two segments is where the bulk of the users are grouped. The high-end, enthusiasts parts market is indeed growing, but hey, they already know what they are doing and while some may still look for a review, oftentimes, they just want to get down and dirty with the conclusions.

So in this blog entry, I will not go all hilly-billy with all the write ups, and just go directly with the teaser post. Why teaser? Well, it's not the peak overclock of this board and processor, it's just an untweaked, no voltage bump, unmodded, running on stock fan overclock with an Intel®-provided overclocking software. Now imagine how this combo will perform with the right people, and right tools such as watercooling, phase change, Clockgen and the likes.

I just want to add that some might notice the low clock frequency overclock. It is because I underclock it by changing the multiplier to 12, to see how far I can go with the motherboard chipset. This is certainly not the peak overclock for the procesor, and the motherboard still have a lot of tweakable options in it. And the great thing is that, you can tweak the following without needing an Engineering Sample: CPU, RAM, and Chipset, FSB, and PCIe voltage; CPU multiplier, RAM timing and ratio, boostrap, and many more. Nice for Intel® to finally make the lives of tweakers a lot more better eh?

Hmm, maybe If I don't become a lazy bum again, I might post a Conroe and Conroe XE results (assuming, I'll get a "go" for posting it). Anyway no more babbling for for me and here is the quick and dirty overclock.

>-> CPU-Z Validation Overclock:Intel® Pentium® Processor Extreme Edition 955 and Intel® Desktop Board D975XBX Overclock

>-> CPU-Z Validation Stock:Intel® Pentium® Processor Extreme Edition 955 and Intel® Desktop Board D975XBX Stock

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