Monday, July 24, 2006

Article: Intel® Desktop Board D865GSA Review (Back on Tried, Trusted, Tested i865 Chipset)

This is another value motherboard from Intel® that is quite interesting, and targetting a very specific segment of the market. The Intel® Desktop Board D865GSA is a board targetted for the value segment and aptly grouped in the "Essential" series of motherboard. It is along the same segment as the Intel® Desktop Board D101GGC and Intel® Desktop Board D102GGC2. Expand for more or click here.

This motherboard is an interesting product, since Intel® went back to their older chipset, based on Intel® 865G Express Chipset with Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 on-board graphics. This chipset is fairly old, about five(5) generations behind starting from i875, i915, i925, i945, i955, and i975 series of express Chipsets. What's even more, this motherboard has AGP and DDR1 tandem, truly, a legacy provision in motion.

However weird it may seem, it just goes to show that Intel listens and hears what users are saying. Those who would want to upgrade their old system which, for example, still use Northwood processor (or earlier) and invested heavily on their AGP video card, and have quite a big memory based on DDR will be happy with this product. Imagine, a dual core with virtualization, and support for EM64T! Users can just worry about the CPU and motherboard upgrade and leave everything intact.

But will this new Intel® board made for newer CPU be able to live up with Intel®'s renowned capability to make great products? Will this be plagued with issues and incompatibilities when using newer processors? My torture chamber eagerly awaits...

Source:Article: Intel® Desktop Board D865GSA Review (Back on Tried, Trusted, Tested i865 Chipset)

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