Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tech Link (Industry): Hands-on: Nokia's Lumia 800 is exactly what Microsoft, Windows Phone 7 need

Woot, nice to see Nokia getting its act together. My first ever mobile phone was a Nokia, and before I moved to my Android-based Samsung Galaxy Mini, I have used N9x (N95 and N98) and was pretty happy with N95. However, N98's "touch phone" isn't responsive so that pushed me to change brand and OS. I really miss Nokia's Maps though, and its FREE turn by turn navigation. Anyway, Nokia announced their newest line of product and these babies looks sleek. If they'll have smooth experience, and can perform basic functions of a phone (it's a smartphone), that is "send and receive call, and text messages, then I'm all set. And if these phones can interface to my XBox and PC with a much smoother experience than what my iOS and Android devices, then it's even more exciting. The only downside is that, US folks won't be getting their hands till next year. I can't blame them, this country is full of iPhone users.