Friday, October 06, 2006

Article: Intel® Core™ Duo T2600 Preview (The Calm Before The Storm)

I finally got time to upload the review today. Sorry for the typo and if there's any critical mistake, please let me know. If you haven't seen how Yonah performs, check this out. Expand for more...

The Intel® Core™ Duo T2000 series of processors is the first processor to ever receive the "Core" branding, even before Conroe, Merom, and Woodcrest is given birth. It was first given limelight in January of this year, along with Apple's thrust to use Intel processors in its line of products. And while it is the first time for the world to hear, officially, about Mobile on Desktop, enthusiasts has already been playing with such concept long before and if you are an Intel enthusiast, then you would have already heard, or better yet, own an Asus P4GD1 + Asus CT-479 + Intel® Pentium® M.

Source:Intel® Core™ Duo T2600 Preview (The Calm Before The Storm)

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