Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Article: Intel® Desktop Board D945GTP Review (Mature for Business Segment)

Second Intel®-branded board I reviewed so far. I am pretty impressed by this board. If you are looking into mass deployment of business PC, then give this motherboard a look. The warranty and support is top notch as always, what you would expect out of Intel®.

VI. Overclocking

While I doubt that there will be overclocking on the business PC, I still ventured into this just to show the capability of this motherboard. As such, overclocking non-Extreme-Series or non Enthusiast-type Intel®-based motherboard is somewhat of a pain. But nevertheless, that didn't stop me from finding ways to squeeze performance out of this board. Overclocking this board transports me back in the days, where you need to be really very careful of the minute details every step of the way. Still, it will overclock just as ok with any other board if anyone will find the trick to doing it. I manage to hit a stable 250FSB.

Full Scoop:Intel® Desktop Board D945GTP Review (Mature for Business Segment)


Denwa said...

Although I might be 5 years late, I recently acquired this board for free. I've been scratching my head trying to figure out how you got it to 250 FSB. Mind sharing to me how you did it?


DM said...

Bear (sic?) with me here since it's been an old article indeed. I looked at the article, and it seemed that the BIOS is locked. With that in mind, I only have a tricks to overclock a locked board:

* Customize BIOS - back in the days, I have access to Intel BIOS engineer releases and their tools
* "Hard" Mod (Modification) - you need to look at the processor pin configuration, check the multiplier/fsb pins, and "short-circuit or bridge" the necessary pins
* Use OC software

That is still a decent board, and if you can get a low-wattage CPU to pair it with, it can still do wonders..

Have fun and thanks for visiting my Blog.