Monday, January 30, 2006

Press Release: Thermalright announce the new HR-01-775 for LGA775 Processor

If you have been keeping tabs on the cooler arena, you'll know that the newest Thermalright* cooler for Intel® processor was baptized on the Intel® Xeon® Processor (an SI-9XV). Well, seems like Thermalright* finally heed our cries and brought a new outstanding cooler for the more mainstream processor. Hey, who among you normally owns a server-based motherboard and processor (ssshhhh, I know I have three(3))...

HR-01-775 News Release

Due to higher processor frequency enabling computers to run even more intensive business, multimedia, and gaming applications, the LGA775 processor has been known to generate more heat than any other processors in the CPU market. As any PC enthusiasts would know, stability and heat control go hand-in-hand when it comes to building a good quality PC. Intel made a valiant effort in making a semi-efficient heatsink for the LGA775 processor, but let’s face just does not cut it! In response to more heat generated by the CPU, the fan RPM turns up higher and higher which translates into louder and louder noise. Can your ears bare the noise?

That’s where third-party heatsink designer/maker comes in. The challenge was to find better solutions in cooling the scorcher in the LGA775 core, plus with minimal noise from the CPU cooling fan. Once again, Thermalright has stepped up to take that challenge and introduced the HR-01-775*.

HR-01-775 is a passive tower cooler that utilizes the fan that is already installed in your computer. It works side by side with the fan duct system developed exclusively by Thermalright. Basically, the fan duct connects the HR-01 to the 120mm outtake fan, thus making the heatsink serve as a portal to the wind tunnel that leads to the outside environment of the computer, effectively pulling out hot air and cooling the HR-01 (designed with its proprietary through holes for efficient ventilation) at the same time. Lab results have shown that HR-01 with the fan duct works just as efficiently and as effectively as having a 120mm heatsink fan installed to the HR-01.

We at Thermalright care not only about cooling CPUs but also about your hearing health. Don’t you think it’s time to give your ears a break?

* With every HR-01-775, the fan duct comes standard. There is no need for a separate purchase.

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