Saturday, February 11, 2006

Article: Mars 722 Orbit PC Case Review

An early Saturday article from yours truly. Well, I really liked the chassis and because of that, I figure anyone who's planning on getting a new one should give this chassis a look, and a major consideration. The chassis looked really good, and while I do have complaints, it's not enough to sway me from advising people to get this for their PC. You can read the article here.
Thanks to ame for quickly pointing out the name of the chassis. Don't hesitate to sell or buy stuff from him =)

The front of the chassis is nice, I love the simplicity as well as style of the chassis. It has four(4) 5.25in drive bays with plastic covers, and two(2) 3.5in slots. There is a silver button at the lower mid portion that looks like a V shape. The upper half of the silver button is the power switch on/off and the lower half is the reset button. In between these buttons is a clear plastic with two(2) LEDs, which is for HDD Activity Status (red) and Power On Status (yellow green). Moving further below is a great looking silver mesh located at both the left and right extremes, it is a plastic grill for air intake. There are also two(2) USB ports which should be enough for most cases, and two(2) holes provision for mic and speakers.


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