Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Article: Some info on the competition

I believe NDA will be lifted today for the AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 so you can expect reviews to be spewing out on website like hot lava on the smouldering volcano. Anyway, since I will have rant, brag, news and article posting that will go a bit slow, I am going to leave some nibbly bit for you fellow fanboys. It's not the normal thing you get to see here where I pimp about how Intel® processors and products in general are great, but a little info I have about the launching product from the other camp.

AMD* Athlon 64 FX-60: As can be seen on the previous post I made about the launch that got too secret that it never gets much attention (they really have this knack for having an ADD=Attention Deficit Disorder), this processor is going *public* real soon. According to limited info I gather in and out the web:

  • Launching on January 10, 2006

  • A speed bump over current top of the line AMD* Athlon X2 4800+

  • Targetted to compete aganst the Intel® Pentium® processor Extreme Edition 955

  • Runs on 2.6Ghz/2x1MB L2/s939 with 100w expected TDP

  • This will be the first dual core in the FX family

  • Price is expected to be more than $1000.00

  • The single core flavor will be called FX-59

  • Slated to be rebadged as X2 5000+ on Socket M2 in mid of 2006

The thing to remember here, for us fanboys, are the third and last bullets. With that said, when you see comparison reviews, expect some pimpage on the other fanboy camp and comparing the Ghz versus Ghz instead of Ghz vs PR. So there you go, some info re their touted king of the hill.

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