Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Article: Making “Apple iPad” FanBoy Approved Part 2

If you haven't seen the first part of this article, you can head over here and my rant is of course, still up. Anyway, on Part I of this article, I mentioned two usage models that I targetted for my iPad. While iPad 2 may have changed the ball and I don't personally own one to give a better opinion, seeing the reviews and looking at those changes made me feel lucky that I am not an Apple FanBoy jumping in every iteration of what SJ (Steve Jobs) has to offer. With a crappy camera, same iOS, the only thing major I see from reviews: dual core, better graphics. Which, while I may have digress a bit, still falls way below of what SJ mentioned why iPad is better than NetBook (yes, I am still picking on this topic).

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tech Link (Industry): The Apple iPad 2 Review

iPad 2 has been out for quite some time and many other early reviews have praised it without much negative impression: i.e. iPad 2 is a perfect device for everything. Well, I never bought their story and that wasn't just because I am not an Apple FanBoy but I went out and tried it with my own hard earned money and the verdict wasn't anywhere near good (check out my own review). It looks like it's not just me who ended up having an issue finding where and what kind of usage iPad falls into, even the boyz at AMDTech encountered the same. I quoted some of their personal usage, taken from their article, read on to go to the source...

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Tech Link (Industry): iPad 2 Unveiled

Well, it's no secret and if you're wanting to check out the latest and greatest from apple regarding iPad 2, you can check out their site for the official information. Check it out at Apple...