Sunday, May 14, 2006

Overclock: Intel® Pentium® D 920 Overclocking (Full Blown Mainstream Dual Core)

This is a follow up article for the affordable Intel® Pentium® D 805. This processor is very attractively priced, hovering just below $230 (less than Php12,500). If anyone is still taking it slow and still not convinced with the power of affordable dual core computing, this processor might be the final nail to seal the coffin of acceptance.

The Intel® Pentium® D 920 Processor is currently the lowest speed grade dual core processor based on the 900series processor for the mainstream market. It is based on 65nm/Presler core on the LGA775 package, and is priced very attractively with price costing less than Php12,000.00 (~$250). This is the first Presler core that has 2x2MB L2 cache, and will be trully attractive to dual-core users, and of course overclockers who are always hunting things on the cheap but are asking more for performance and that beter RAM access time.

Source:Intel® Pentium® D 920 Overclocking (Full Blown Mainstream Dual Core)

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