Friday, January 11, 2008


The EndAs much as I would like to add and put more wordings into my farewell, all I really wanted to say is "Thank You" for visiting the site and for making this part of your daily stop.

I decided to close my Blog, as I see no point. Intel has clearly won, and there's no stopping. The barage of new products to come is just too great, I doubt competition has anything in reserve, at least for now, to combat Intel in the performance arena. I thought A* will come back last October'07, but it was a major dissapointment not to see anything good came out from them after major delays, promises, and more delays.

Who knows, maybe I'll be back if I competition heats up again, but for now, it's boring, rather lonely, to be at the top of the heap.

I will still be a CPU enthusiasts, as always, a techie guy. I'll be up to date, on what's the latest and greatest. And so for now, I bid you all farewell, and thanks again for visiting the site.