Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tech Link (Industry): H.P. Ousts Chief for Hiding Payments to Friend

Ok, this news made really feel very very afraid of making any kind of expense report. I don't wanna get fired. I mean come on, I don't deliberately mis-use funds but what if I made a mistake and turned into something like this? Well I'm pretty sure I won't get headlined since I a no-name guy anyway, but heck, this would still suck big time.

Tech Link (Industry): "Deciding between a PC and a Mac?"

A friend sent me an update regarding the latest buzz over at Microsoft. Just recently, Microsoft has launched a page comparing Microsoft's (Windows) OS vs Apple's OS (MacOS). I am a Mac-newbie and I don't have enough time to research on this thing so I really can't say much whether Microsoft is doing at least a "decent" comparison. I mean, it's a Microsoft site, what can you expect right? However, what I can suggest is if you're like me who's Apple/Mac newbie, then don't just chew everything that's posted on the site. And just the same, if you're a Microsoft/Win newbie, don't just chew everything said on the Apple/Mac camp.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tech Link (Industry): Aiptek's 3D HD Camcorder and Portable 3D Display

Woah, first time I have seen such products. Aiptek is going to release their new line of 3D-enabled products, namely 3D HD 720P Camcorder and Portable 3D Display. These are cool nifty toys, and are pocketsize, making it portable and handy. However, I find the product name too lame for its capability. The products are not released yet, but you can pre-order these products at Amazon, Sears, Target, Walmart, and B&H. That's right folks, US only! I don't know if and when they plan to released it in Asia.

The 3D HD 720p Camcorder can record and capture stills and videos in 3D. It's got a built-in 3D-LCD for quick playback. Of course, it can also capture in standard 2D! The other toy, Portable 3D Display, also offers nifty features, because you can now watch and view pictures and videos without 3D glasses! I reckon it's something akin to those "3D" postcards I used to get when I was a kid. Aiptek said, they made it possible thru their "Parallax Barrier" technology.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Tech Link (Overclock): Core Temp and Core Temp Gadget 2.3 Released

Well, I know I'm late but hey, better late than never. Anyway, since I am "trying" to come back in being active with Blog and in the tech community, I have started to visit my old favorite sites. It's a good timing I guess, as I'm just a few days late about the cool new updates from CoreTemp author. Aside from the latest CoreTemp 0.99.7, there's also a new Core Temp Gadget 2.3!

This cool little add-on looked really nice on my Win7 desktop and I'm like "Ohh, schweeetz!" I suggest you go and grab 'em coz they are not only hot, they are FREE! I mean, with such cool software costing nothing, not even crippled, but a full-blown, no fuzz software, this is totally awesome! Grab it!!!!!!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Tech Link (Gaming): Cologne's soil will quake heavily!

What does Intel and FanBoy have in common (aside from lovin' Intel products?). Well, they are both Blizzard supporter!

Intel, together with ESL (Electronic Sports League) is sponsoring a Starcraft II tournament game in the Intel Extreme Masters event. There are 16 players who will compete for the event, and 14 of them have already been predefined (lucky them). Check out more of the details below...

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Well, it's no surprise this game has reached such following. It has been long awaited and highly anticipated by Blizzard fans. I, for one, have been longing for the new release, and not because I rule in RTS games, but more about the continuation of the storyline. I have already developed a sense of "relationship" with the characters and it feels incomplete to have no closure on the story.

However, the plot thickens. For those who are on the prawl, they may already got an idea that this is just the early installment. Because this is a "trilogy", the first installment, the current released is entitled: Wings of Liberty focusing on Terran race. And first expansion is called Heart of the Swarm, putting the Zerg race in perspective and the final one is Legacy of the Void, which as you may have already guessed, Protoss part of the trilogy.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Tech Link (CPU): AMD Ontario performance numbers leaked

Apparently, a leaked performance of AMD's upcoming architecture (Bobcat) shows that it has "good" performance against Intel's Atom D510. However, I am really not sure what the graph shows since it says on the right most column under the heade "Speed-up" (vs Ontario), Atom D510 shows 0.58x. The rest of the column, from top to bottom, shows 1.15 (vs Athlon II X2 250u) and 2.42 (vs Phenom II X4 965BE). If I am to read that, Atom is 0.58 faster than Ontario. Oh well...