Monday, June 19, 2006

Rant: Ahahha, AMDroids are going to get screwed again...

Ok, this is not my own finding, but I just got the chance to open up a friend's email and he asked me what is odd about AMDTech's newsposting here. Well, I said, A* is reacting to the upcoming release of Chipzilla's processor and that's normal, nothing too spectacular, just their re-action to be "competitive". Bah, until I got told and pointed to the direction of discrepancy in pricing and lo and behold, I got what he meant. I never really clicked on the image, because my attention is focused on this:

* AMD Athlon 64 price cuts will receive price cut up to 30%
* AMD Athlon 64 X2 will receive price cuts up to 50%
* AMD Sempron processors will receive price cuts up to 15%

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However, if one scrutinizes the pricing scheme, it reveals that A* is going to screw the pricing of its product line! Remember how AMDroid keeps mentioning how their Athlon XP is like bang for the buck if all you want to do is game since Northwood C has been bashing the Athlon XP to the ground when it comes to performande, so they just console themselves with such crap (they said, Northwood C only has negligible performance increase, but price is so much more on Chipzilla so AthlonXP is the better bang for the buck). Yet this same AMDroids keeps going against purchasing an Intel® Pentium® D 805 and yet performance increase is negligble against, the *ehem* A64 X2 3800+. For Pete's sake, it's a 3800+, it's not a match. Anyway, I know it's not directly related, I just want to show how AMDroids are thinking (they were screwed before in this situation) and how they are going to get screwed with the new pricing scheme.

* 5000+: $403
* 4800+: $645
* 4600+: $301
* 4400+: $470
* 4200+: $240
* 4000+: $328
* 3800+: $169

* 4000+: $343
* 3800+: $142
* 3700+: $240
* 3500+: $109
* 3200+: $99

Ahahahahaha, AMDroids are going to get really screwed here. For just double the cache, the lower rated A* CPU is more expensive than the higher rated processor. Omigosh, see how confused these people are, they can't really tell how fast their processors are or how different they are with one another that if you happen to buy a higher rated processor before, on July 24, your processor is actually so much cheaper than the supposedly much cheaper processor. Confused about my double use of the word "cheaper"? You're not the only one. Ahahahaha, screw you AMDroids.

Here's the pricing scheme: Image Pricing


dom_08 said...

prices are really screwed for AMD... ^_^

may be a good thing for the buyers huh?.. .^_^ and i agree with you, a one on one between 3800+ and the D805 is an unfair fight.

death_metal said...

Depends on the "buyers". Informed ones will have great time, but for the majority that just looks at PR, it'll be not so pleasant as soon as they find out. But hey, how many really do check their purchases after it's done? So this really is just intended for AMDroids who keep tabs on A* pricing and products and who loves to whine about how cool they have a 5000+ system (i.e. 5GHz).