Sunday, March 18, 2012

Quick Review: The new iPad

As a techie FanBoy, my mind keeps rolling and rolling if I have been missing into the "the new Ipad" craze. Apple, it seems, has been slowly grasping on my system: slowly, but surely, playing games with my mind. However still, I manage to push back the rabid attack, that ghastly whisper keeps me awake at night, but I knew that sooner or later, I have to stand up and fight. So, I did the unthinkable, and "got" one for a test run. I tested one for a couple of days, and the verdict is that: I am not sold out on "the new iPad" (ok, that's really quick isn't it?). This is based on my usage model with my old iPad (first gen). Here on, I will call "the new Ipad" as niPad and my iPad 1 as oiPad. And if you haven't been turned off because I already posted my conclusion, then go read more.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rant: Why I am holding out on "The new" iPad

I remember months, and I mean like sometime October last year, wifey has been inquiring me whether I plan to get an "iPad 3". Not that she used it often, she actually use it only to play Doodle Jump and that's like about once or twice a month at most. However, she noticed I have been carrying it every time we'll go on lunch outside or getting a long drive. It's because iPad is easy for the kids to use (no mouse, power cord, small enough) while I normally use my Samsung Galaxy Mini Android Phone for music. Anyway, the way I have been reading into the rumors is that, iPad 3 is going to be a killer device. But I already burned myself once when I got iPad 1 and was severely underwhelmed.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tech Link: Diablo III May 15 [yeah, 2012]

So finally, this long awaited game will be released. I have my pre-order since last year placed on Amazon. Here's hoping I can get it by May 15. Been a heck of a loooooong wait since D2, and I can hardly wait for this next installment!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Tech Link: It is official, iPad 3 is out!

Well, it's not it's unofficial, but just saying it's officially unveiled by Apple today. Before the unveiling, wifey has been asking if I am interested since I already have iPad 1. iPad 2 has nothing really new to offer to me so it's a "so so" for me. Besides having iPad 1 (2010), iPod Nano (2007), I only added one iOS device lately to the family, which is iPhone 4S.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Tech Link: CPU-Z v1.60 is out

The new version is out. The version supports the obvious: Ivy Bridge (and yeah, that AMD too). But you know the drill, so if you're aching to get the latest and greatest, head on to the website to download the tool.