Sunday, January 15, 2006

Tech Link(Motherboard): ASUS P5WD2-E Premium i975X Review

VR-Zone just made a review of this really exciting board based on Intel® 975 Glenwood chipset. I always wanted to have that motherboard, but my supplier still don't have them so I am left here, sulking at the corner and drooling over the reviews scattered on the web.

This motherboard really packs a lot of firepower for the enthusiasts. It shouldn't come as a surprise that more and more enthusiasts will be gearing to owning this one and ride it out together with a new Pressler or Cedarmill CPU. The official support for ATi Crossfire is a huge bonus, and I read somewhere that there's limited support for nVidia SLI using old drivers. But in any case, this motherboard is looking everytime I saw a review, Asus if you are reading this (duh) send me one =)

The ASUS P5WD2-E Premium is almost, drilled to perfection by Asus' brilliant engineers, With excellent gaming and workstation performance, ASUS has just brought the enthusiasts mainboard market to the next level. The only downside that I can see is perhaps the price, but hey, isn't every Intel 975X mainboard priced at a premium? Heh.


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