Friday, March 24, 2006

Overclock: Overclocking the Intel® Celeron® D 326 Processor (64bit on the cheap)

Finally was able to load another homegrown article for the FanBoys. This time, it's for the lowest end budget overclockable chip from Chipzilla. The Intel® Celeron® D 326 is a monster oveclocker, and if you're really tight on a budget and would like to build a new rig based on LGA775, what you can probably do is get a great overclocking motherboard and then pair it up with this little monster. Overclock it, and once you have enough moolah, jump in to a newer processor. But hey, don't let the cheap price muddle your decision to get this chip, it's a treasure buried in the haystack when it come to reserve MHz ready for awakening!

Primarily geared on the value market, it is designed to deliver affordable computing. The Celeron D processors provide customers the capability to affordably get onto the Internet, utilize educational programs, home-office software and productivity applications with great computing and multimedia power. It has great features for digital home computing, such as support for EM64T to enable the system to address more than 4GB of system memory and advance security functionality thru Execute Disable Bit that can prevent certain classes of malicious "buffer overflow" attacks when combined with a supporting operating system.

Source:Overclocking the Intel® Celeron® D 326 Processor

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