Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tech Link (Video Card): Quad Crossfire against Quad SLI?

We've all seen (well, if you haven't you should) Quad SLI released by Dell* and so far, Gigabyte* and Asus has been developing it as well. NVIDIA has been leading the pack with their very strong release of video cards for the enthusiasts, and ATi must respond soon if they still want to maintain a toe-to-toe stand-up with NVIDIA.


An Asian website, Hardspell have posted a news in what appears to be an ATi Quad Crossfire solution. I can not read Chinese/Japanese/Korean or any similar characters so I'll just make a best guess based on what my browser is rendering. From the image (and some readable words) it would look like a manufacturer (I don't really know who so don't ask) can pair up an X1600, X1800 and the planned X1900 series. Anyway, maybe you can read it better than me, so just head on over the at HardSpell (and not only can I not spell the written article, I can't read it).


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