Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Brag: Manila Maki at Pinoydon

I have been hearing about this place that fuse Filipino dishes with Japanese style for quite some, and this afternoon, I was finally able to give it a try, at the Pinoydon

My friends knows I love sushi and maki, and actually, most Japanese food (though I don't really recall their names or what they are called), and I was like, "hmm, this should be interesting to finally give it a go".

So, we went there at Magallanes, Makati (where the South Super Hiway grocery used to be) around 11:00am. The place was simple, not as "bright" as I wanted it to be, but it's acceptable. I was handed the menu, and I really don't know what to choose due to the numerous offerings that looks very savory =).

Anyway, after a bit of discussion (against myself *yay*), I finally ended up ordering three(3) dishes. Manila Maki, Teriyaki Salpicao (I think) and that other food that looked like Katsudon but I already forgot the name.

Anyway, what strike me the most and left me wanting for more is Manila Maki. I never expected it to taste so good, I love it very much. The Salpicao is great as well, but it tastes like the way it should taste (I think), with a touch of Filipino (sweeter than what I'd lilke, but nevertheless great), and the Katsudon is the least of my favorite and wasn't able to finish it (but it's acceptable).

I can't really describe the taste of the Manila Maki, but if you're a Japanse food fan, try to give this place a try. The staff are ok, not excellent, but doing ok (you know, the typical corteous, attentive, and responsive). Price is along the line of Teriyaki Boy, Tokyo Tokyo, etc. I think a little higher, but with the taste, I'd definitely say the Manila Maki isn't comparable (hey, Pinoydon is the only one offering Manila Maki anywy ;))...

Anyone else tried this place, and can share what your favorite dish is? Give me a Tag if you have any tips =)

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