Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Brag: DM helps (again) with new OC Tool for Intel® Desktop Board D945GTP

Wohooo, so I'm on a roll and abo is all heated up, very supportive in making and developing a software tool to overclock an otherwise non-overclockable board.

It was after completing a tool for an Intel® Desktop Board D925XEBC2 that abo sent me another email since I mentioned that I have an Intel® Desktop Board D975XBX coming up in a few days. I advised him that I can't help develop a tool yet since it hasn't arrived, but told him I have an Intel® Desktop Board D945GTP lying around. We started around 11:00AM, and by 11:00PM, I have a working and humming OC tool. With this, I manage to hit my "usual" 250FSB with my Intel® Pentium® D 830 Engineering Sample. If you haven't clicked the link yet, here's the CPU-Z image:

However, this OC is not without a hitch. I spent sometime playing with the board and tool, without the tweak, I was stuck at 220FSB. The 250FSB was just a test run, and I'm sure given enough time, I can push it even farther. In fact, I just stopped when I hit the 250FSB and tested it for stability and never tried even higher. Hitting this 1Ghz FrontSide Bus on a Dual Core processor is enough "woot" factor for me. Besides, this board isn't designed for Overclockers in mind, what more can I ask for? Now, I await the arrival of my Intel® Desktop Board D975XBX

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Vinicius said...

Hi there, could you send me this tool so i can OC my board? been trying to OC it but can't... will be very grateful if you could send it to me