Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Rant: Life catches on, reality sets in

Thanks for the email and PM (private message) of those few who knows me personally and have been reading this site from time to time. I know there's been a sudden slowdown in postings, whether a Rant, Brag, Article, or even a Tech Link.

Well, I have done those blazingly fast postings because it was the Holiday Season. You know, where people can spend their time lazying around, catching up with friends, buying stuff for their loved ones, and all sort of things related to either Christmas or New Year. I am one of those guys who had a chance to spend my time however I wanted it at the time, and I might say, that I've spent it well.

I had to go out and buy stuff for friends and family (would you believe that?), I get to clean the house, I have been able to have my old car repainted and machine overhauled, had the broken lights replaced, had the loose wood parquet fixed, and pretty much I've done a lot of things I would have not done without the long holidays. I mean hey, I took my vacation since December 23, 2005 till January 06, 2006, who wouldn't have time to do all those stuff?

I am able to do a couple of articles, was able to bring up this site, and was able to speed-read articles posted on the web and post interesting bits in here, so we can both pimp each other's fanboyism fetish. I have to do those things in a very short span of time, because I have to do other stuff as well. And while I am able to accomplish what I listed down, I can not believe that I still ran out of time and not able to complete all that I wanted to complete.

I still haven't been able to have my new car checked. Yes, my old car was totally revamped, but since I was using the new car, I am not able to have it checked. Finding time this busy work week will be tough for me since I only have Saturday and Sunday, and everytime, those two days are for the family. I still can't file a leave, hey, my vacation was like uber, so while I can take vacation technically, my "humane" side is telling me not to. So, I guess I can have the new car serviced by February (which will be about two months overdue already).

I still have to teach my eldest kid to count properly past twenty (20). Dang, she can count properly, but she seems to always miss including thirteen (13) and skip directly to fourteen (14) till twenty (20). I am so tempted to teach her how to count to thirty (30) but I a'm afraid she'll completely miss thirteen (13) againa nd again. And my kid, who just turned four(4), gets pretty bored with me whenever I have to repeat the counting again from the start even if I tried different approach like counting birds, apples, and the likes. But I guess she's pretty good with telling short stories, identifying all colors in her crayon set, identifying loads of animals, but she just can't count thirteen (13).

My youngest kid, who just turned two(2) still needs to learn manners. She's quirky, very very energetic, and never failed to break one item in the house at any time. I still need to teach her how to behave and just play silently instead of jumping up and down, running all around the house, without regards to anything that might get destroyed.

So those two, about the kids, are my priority.

And without mentioning a whole lot of things about my life, there's just lots of things going on right now and I can't post as much updates as I can during the holidays. It was fun, and it will still be fun. So this is just a heads up for you guys that this site, while it will get updated, will not get updated as fast as before. So expect the worst, and again, don't say I didn't warn you :)...

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