Monday, January 09, 2006

Tech Link (Industry): CES 2006 Coverage Around the Web Part II

I found several interesting items again that were being shown off at the CES 2006. These gadgets are really really cool, wish I have the moolah to acquire them =). And oh btw, if you miss it, you can read the Part I as well.

I'd really like to have this hard drive, where it used to be a hardcore modder's pride to add "window" to hard drive, WD has step up to the challenge and made one. It even came with 5years of warranty.
Western Digital Shows Off The Raptor X
From the secret performance labs at WD comes the revolutionary WD Raptor X SATA hard drive, the first ever drive with a clear view of the internal workings. We have been talking with Western Digital on the development of a clear hard drive for a number of years and the day has finally come that we saw a working model. What makes this possible is a large, crystal-clear lens on the drive to let you see into the inner workings and witness the drive in action. The lens was the hardest part of the design and it took the crew at Western Digital nearly a year to get working.

Next is a new extreme cooling machine from my favorite RAM manufacturer, OCZ. I knew it was coming, but I never thought it would debut this late. I mean, I've been using their RAMs since the days of low-latency PC3200, EB PC3500 series, and even their VX Gold Extreme PC4000. Bah, I guess better late than never.

OCZ, best known for its high performance RAM products, is entering the performance cooling market with its new phase-change cooler, the Cryo-Z.

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