Thursday, January 12, 2006

Brag: Crotale reaches 19.953s at 6609MHz with SuperPi with Intel Penium XE955

Wohoooo, unbeatable in the class. I am impress, super impress. A huge overclock for the newly released processor from Intel®.

Not too long ago Robert "Crotale" Kihlberg laid hands on both the title of Swedish Overclocking Champion and an Intel Pentium XE 955. He managed to reach 4GHz, both in the Championship and with Intel's new beast, which isn't bad at all as the first meant a 203% overclock but with the latter he felt he could do better as it is an extreme enthusiast processor. He simply rolled out his compressor cascade and managed to push the SuperPi results down to impressive 22.5s, which we have to say is a very impressive result. It would of course be insane to stop here (or perhaps to continue?), anywho our own OC-guru of course chose to head off and pick up some liquid love, sorry nitrogen, and give the processor another round at even higher speeds.

At 6609MHz Robert the processor landed him a score of 19.953s. A very impressive score not many can measure up to.


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