Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tech Link (Industry): Awesome New Rockin' Director At Intel

"In a few weeks, at the Grammys, people are gonna hold their Grammy awards and I’m going to be rocking it with my Intel badge. I’m going to say, ‘Puffy, your cologne’s nice, Kanye, you got nice shoes, but do you work at Intel?’"
- says the new celebrity Intel Employee. Intel Ads used to say, “Our rock stars aren’t like your rock stars” but dang, this time around, Intel's rockstar is indeed everyones rockstar!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Tech Link (Industry): 3D Without Glasses

Man, this is funny as heck. I believe it is fake, but if it's true, it's one funny technology. I know, I'll probably won't be jumping in to use this if it's true and if it ever came out. Though my opthalmologist advise me to blink 20x per minute, this guy is just awesome. Check it out...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tech Link (Industry):2011 XtremeSystems CES Party

With such a beauty benching and overclocking in the event, I don't think I can concentrate. However, the XS team seems hellbent with tweaking and stuff so they are able to do what they do best: overclock!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tech Link (Industry): Apple Invests $3.9 Billion into Mysterious Technology.

I wonder what could it be. Apple has always been doing interesting stuff for their cult followers. Well, I am not a cult follower, I never had an iPhone nor an iPod nor its incarnation nor any kind of Mac and its flavors. I did get an iPad and along with it, tons of hatred to Steve Jobs for saying how it's best for web, movies, and email. The iPad is good, if you're an Apple Fanboy who will just gobble anything and everything Apples spews out. And really, if iPad has been the best gadget they have released after all those years, I'd say I'd be even more pissed if I have ever owner their earlier iterations. Apple's product, as always, are just overpriced gadgets...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Article: Intel Fanboy's Kinect Experience

By this time, many has heard about this product and this technology. Not too long ago, it was called Project Natal, and the first time I saw it on YouTube, I was so excited and I even thought this as something like a hoax. Of course, after more than a year, an actual product has been released, and various other “hack” could be found on the web.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Article: Intel Fanboy's Journey to the beyond, err, Apple® iPad

Well, it should be apparent that I'm no Apple® lover; if not, well I'm saying I am not an Apple® lover. What with Mac being based off a different architecture back then. However, not that I hate Apple, specially when Apple® made one of their greatest decision: go x86 on their "computer" platform (there, I never called Apple's devices "PC"). It's just that, like many others in the computer era, I belong to the "masses" of Windows user. And being this as my first ever "Apple device", I am now a newbie, novice, or back in the the days of CB radio, I am what they call a "green apple" (pun intended of course). Before moving forward with the article, whenever I mention "Apple", it refers to the "x86" platform (i.e. hardware and/or software) or the "company" unless otherwise stated. Also note that the images here aren't mine, I just took em off the interwebz, so if you own the image and offended by me using it without permission, lemme know and I will remove it