Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tech Link (Industry): Intel's Maloney Talks Mobile Growth, Industry Opportunities at Computex

Nothing new, err, I mean, it's not unusual to see Intel to take a stab at Computex and show off their new line of products in the near future and at times, readily available.A new category for mobile devices has been announced, and this time, Intel smarten up and trademarked it (Ultrabook™). Unlike in the past, they let one of their "coined term" be used up by anyone (i.e. netbook and nettop).

Another interesting tidbit is that, despite what detractors are saying, Atom™ is very well alive and kicking and yes, Netbook isn't dead. Atom™ will power the next-gen fanless, yep fanless, netbook platform. Read to get the full run thru of the announcement...