Sunday, April 02, 2006

Review: AOpen Mini PC MP915 Review (Mobile on Desktop Realization)

While it is not something new for the hardcore hardware enthusiasts, and embedded computing industry, a small-footprint system is not something common for the typical consumers and mainstream computing industry. While Small Form Factor systems has been in circulation for quite sometime, it hasn't reached peak maturity due to the fact that the component within it are those made for desktop computing, with the the exceptions of a few that makes use of mobile processor. But still, SFF that use mobile processors and chipsets are still not able to reach that even smaller footprint because subcomponents are still based on desktop peripherals such as power supply, hard drive, optical drive, and even regular full height memory modules.

In this aspect of ultra-small, and even highly portable desktop computing, AOpen develop a complete system that not only meets the needed size, but also went ahead and make it into a very aesthically pleasing system which they aptly call MiniPC. The components that made up the MiniPC are all well thought out, from the power supply, to memory modules to cooling, processor, and hard drive. Many will smirk at it as a clone of MacMini and it is really not that different when looking at the exterior of the system. However, the MiniPC in the testbench today is a bit more flexible than the MacMini and can actually compete in this target market segment.

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