Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tech Link (Gaming): Worldwide Invitational Tournament Mini-Site Launched

A few days ago, I posted about the Worldwide Invitational Tournament. Just now (or maybe a few hours ago), Blizzard* launched a mini site to be fully dedicated in covering for the upcoming event.

In that mini-site, Blizzard* will give daily updates, post replays, upload results, and provide interviews, before, during and after the conclusion of the event. You should really give the mini site a try as it really looks very spiffy. And after a minute of dabbling, I already found an "Easter Egg". Honestly, I don't really know if anyone has found it already, but hey, no one told me about the Easter Egg and I feel uber FanBoy for getting to see that Easter Egg, besides, it's just been launched as can be seen on Blizzard's posting time dated January 25 2006. Is this a secret announcement of an un-announced sequel of their famous game? Oh wow, I'm just dying to hear the announcement.

Anyway, the Easter Egg clue is [*see spoiler info below*], go check it out and spread the word about the Easter Egg, redirect them to this web site, and discuss it among fellow fanboys! By the way, if you don't like a spoiler on where to find the Easter Egg, then don't scroll below past the source/link to the mini site. But in case you can't find the Easter Egg, and has given up on finding it, check the clue past the link.

Source:Blizzard Mini Site

And here's a spoiler....scroll below to find the location of the Easter Egg...

Update: Crap, I just checked the BNet forum and it seems like it's not a spoiler actually *lol*. Shows how long I've been out from the Bnet Forum Scene =)...

***Spoiler Alert***
Scroll the web page way down to the bottom. At the middle section, there is what appears to be a Hologram with lights coming out of it. If you hover your mouse over the lights, the cursor pointer changes into a hand. If you leave it there for a few seconds, a "text" will appear which says "Help me Jim're my only hope!". If you click it, Ms. Sexy but "Infected Kerrigan" appears =)...

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