Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tech Link (Power Supply): Enermax PSU gets a new cool look...

I have always been a fan of Enermax PowerSupply. In fact, my Enermax EG-465P-VE v1.3 was my very first sturdy power supply that withstood my OCing experiments. It never failed to amaze me how Enermax is developing their products. Their lineup, as I recall, are slowly moving into the "looking-cool" side, while still maintaining their stable performance. Their Noisetaker series looks nice, and even more, their Giant series too. Now, they are fully liberating (pun intended) themselves from traditional boring looking PSU to a new one that can capture the hearts of even a hardcore modder. Their Liberty series are really really cool!

What else can you ask for? Modular, supports for Dual Core, support for SLI, support CrossFire, BTX-ready, SATA, and that cool looking shiny black, now, my table is drool-full already. This new power supply comes in different flavors, 400w, 500w, and 620w. I'd really like to test the 620w, but my poor wallet can definitely not afford that, yay for. But I'll try and see if I can get a 500w series. And oh, I found two(2) reviews already on the web.

As I found out a few years ago building a high spec system is easy .... just go out and buy a good processor and graphics card then pair it with a well rounded motherboard and some stable memory and you are pretty much good to go, well unless you hook it all up to a £20 power supply (PSU). That £20 PSU may well boast 500w specs and look pretty and shiny but the reality is that a decent PSU (or lack off) can be the difference between your system running smoothly for years or one which causes you no end of problems.

We’ve looked at numerous supplies here in the past and on the whole they have all been high specification units and those generally come at an equally high price. It goes without saying not everyone has a huge budget to work with, however stability is still an important factor. So today we are going to look at Enermax’s mainstream model which comes in at 400w. Enermax

Power supplies used to be the least-sexy component in your PC. Power supply makers spent their marketing dollars on convincing us of the benefits of quality power versus fancy bells and whistles. That changed not too long ago when customized cases came into vogue. Now you can buy power supplies with neon lights, blinking strobes, and just about anything else desired to pimp your rig. But product differentiation doesn't end at cosmetics thanks to recent hardware innovations and requirements. Modular connections were introduced in 2004 and have become a popular feature. The SATA IDE and PCI-E interfaces added new power needs, as did the return of dual video cards. Reduced noise and heat output are also high on the desired features list. And don't forget the potential replacement of the ATX form factor with BTX.

Hope you get better luck and money than me and go get that powersupply and dump that branded-wannabe power supply...

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