Monday, January 02, 2006

Brag: DM helps with new OC Tool for Intel® D925XEBC2 Motherboard

I'd like to typcast this as "Article" but then again, I thought, it's not really an article so I changed it to "Brag".

So it was December 31, 2006 in the midst of silent firecrackers sounding off in the background, I decided to play with my still un-opened Intel® D925XEBC2 motherboard. It is a great uATX board, and I love the options it has such as Gigabit LAN, PCI Express, HD Audio and more.

This board has a tool for basic OCing. Intel® provided the IDC software, to OC it as much as 4% in regular Burn-In mode, and as much as 10% for extended Burn-In mode. I am not satisfied with 10%, so I decided to look for ways and means to OC this baby. I originally though of Clockgen since I already worked with the developer before, for a ClockGen utility for MSI i915G Combo.

But his time-zone is much different than mine. Then I remember SetFSB which has a similar tool to OC my Intel® D875PBZ motherboard, who, I believe, the developer resides in Japan and therefore within the same timezone (or just an hour ahead). However, unlike with Intel® D875PBZ, there was no tool that fits my clock generator for this board, either with ClockGen or SetFSB. So I just fired an email to the author, and even sent him more technical info about the clock generator. A series of email exchanges later, and as of this writing, I have a working beta version and still testing with abo for the final beta release.

So if you have this motherboard, head on to SetFSB site and download the latest beta. This tool also kicks off my article that you can read here about the not-so-overlockable-boards. So there, bragging end...

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