Thursday, June 02, 2011

Tech Link (Industry): Previewing ‘Windows 8’

This is a very interesting demo from Microsoft. I have always been a Windows user, and while I don't loath or hate other OS, I just got too used to this operating system. I don't even have to "hard learn" new stuff whenever MS came out with new OS, well, except during my transition from MS DOS to Windows 3.1/WFW (Windows for Workgroups). So anyway, the big news is super cool: touch interface for the upcoming Windows 8.

It's such a long time coming for the interface to show up. While "touch" has been implemented on desktop PC before this version of OS, it requires 3rd party hardware/software and it doesn't really operate differently than having a mouse (yeah, that was too long ago). Anyway, so now MS comes up with cool-looking interface and if this proved to be stable, it is a definite winner. I mean, it can run your usual Windows program, and then you can have both touch and "traditional" desktop interface, a marriage of both world = awesome. Check out the video and then read on more to see the official MS statement.