Saturday, June 03, 2006

Overclock: Intel® Pentium® D 950 Overclocking (Performance Dual Core For Everyone)

This will be the last overclock article of Chipzilla processors based the Intel® Pentium® D 900 series that I am going to post. Hopefully, I'll be able to post new OCing spree with the upcoming processors based on Conroe architecture. This processor is very attractively priced for its offered performance, now that Chipzilla has slashed price off in a huge, huge manner and now goes for ~$350 (Php18,200.00). Though isn't within the market segment league of the Intel® Pentium® D 805 and Intel® Pentium® D 920, the surprising kicker with this processor is how well they scale and overclock.

Here's the full scoop: Intel® Pentium® D 950 Overclocking (Performance Dual Core For Everyone)

The Intel® Pentium® D 950 Processor is currently nearing the top end flavor of the Intel® Pentium® D 900 series of processor. Above this, and the greatest Intel® Pentium® D 960 will be the next best thing. Of course, the Extreme Edition is currently out there, but it is not within its league. This processor may look to be not so attractive compared to the lower brethren Intel® Pentium® D 920 and even lower and a lot cheaper Intel® Pentium® D 805, but the market segment for this processor is for those who still likes power of clockage coupled with dual core functionality. In non-dual-core-aware games, the clock frequency still plays a big role into the bottom line FPS of the system.


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