Friday, January 20, 2006

Brag: Enter the new Intel®-sponsored BMW Sauber Formula 1 (F1) race car

You have got to see the new Intel®-sponsored BMW F1 race car. One of the sweetest car I have ever seen to date (pimping mode). The new car was unveiled on January 17, 2006 on the bright race track at Valencia, Spain with estimated 500 photographers and reporters from all over the world covering the event. And of course, accessories associated with Intel®, BMW* and the race itself is a must, hence, none other than supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio sports the new apparel on the stage with laser lighting, multimedia, and digital projection in front of all the cheering crowd.
All images owned by Intel®

The brand new Formula 1 car bears the Intel® name, as it zoomed out onto a sun-bathed race track, showing no fewer than eight Intel® logos freshly affixed around the car's shining body. The BMW Sauber F1 boast of the BMW P86 V8 Engine:
  • Type: normally aspirated V8

  • Bank angle: 90 degrees

  • Displacement: 2,400cc

  • Valves: four per cylinder

  • Valve Train: pneumatic

  • Engine Block: aluminum

  • Cylinder Head: aluminum

  • Crankshaft: steel

  • Oil system: dry sump lubrication

  • Engine Management: BMW

  • Weight: 95Kg

While the team is fairly new, BMW* fans are already excited to see the company entering into the F1 field. BMW* fans as well as F1 fans will now have a common bonding to share with each other. And as with any other team (and a new team at that), time will tell if they'll snag out the victory crown sooner than expected. Personally, I already have my hopes up if only for the engineering feat and marvelous combination of innovation and creativity between the two corporate partners. Race on!

Check out the official BMW* Sauber F1 Website

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