Sunday, January 22, 2006

Article: The Battle for Wesnoth Game Review

This is a game that I always wanted to share. I have always liked it, yet, the game's expanse features is prohibiting me to make a review that can justify it. I then decided to just make a crash review, just to try to impart and share the fun I have playing the game in the quicky way. If you are up for it, you can check out the article by the usual way: click the link below.

When was the last time you play a game, in almost epic proportion, that is free, legal, full featured, highly enjoyable, offers hours of re-playability, simple to play yet complex in strategy, and open source? I honestly can not remember playing any such game. Sure, there are many freeware games found on the web, and they abound. But most of them really suffers in various terms of shortcomings. A game could be free, yet it has limited features i.e. demo. Some offers great graphics, but has poor gameplay. A game can be full featured, yet could be too easy to beat and story-line is too short.


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