Saturday, January 07, 2006

Brag: CEOs are fanboys too?

Woah, you got to see the webcast of the launching of the Dell™ XPS™ 600 Renegade™ I posted yesterday. The way Michael Dell, Dell™'s Chairman of the board, launch his new product is really kinda cool, fanboyism at its finest, but nonetheless super duper cool.

And he even invited NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang to pimp the new product even more. I mean, who could be more accurate in saying what's the best gaming PC in the world but the top line managers themselves. They carry upon their shoulders the name and reputation of the whole company. The two top boz continues to discuss how the Dell™ XPS™ 600 Renegade™ eats consoles and other gaming machines out there.

Truly, the technological gadgets in that rig is awesome, and not to mention, a personal touch of Michael Lavallee who is a world-reknowned KillerPaint Airbrush Studio artist! I mean, a custom-painted machine straight from the man, Michael Lavallee, himself, what could be more pimping? Omigosh, I am not just a fanboy of great Intel® products, but I am a sucker for great artwork as well. I even have various fangrills and accessories from Bonzai-Mods.

Screw what other fanboys says which is the fastest and best gaming rig, this is straight from the horses mouth, bragging in front of the people of the industry and press. This is simply pure 0\/\/|\|@63. Michael Dell invited other personalities on the stage to pimp the Dell™ XPS™ 600 Renegade™ even more. You got to watch the webcast to understand what I'm blabbering about, just click the link and choose your connection: WebCast

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