Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tech Link (Industry): Intel® has revealed it all at their corporate site

It's not a secret anymore. Before, there's just links to news and other press write-ups. But now, there's nothing more official than coming right out of the company itself. I invite you to visit their site and have a go-look see!

So who needs a spoiler, when the full story without a hint of rumor when it's all coming out from the source? They even have a dedicated web page to discuss about what's coming ahead, some history, and more. So head on to their site and know what's in store for all of us.

Why 2006 will be a leap year
This is the year. The year 100 million people around the world will discover digital for the first time. The year 150 million more people will become part of the wireless world. The year the living room will grow more interactive and the digital divide will shrink. The year that more people will be using technology in more fascinating ways than ever imagined.

Source: Intel®

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