Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tech Link (Industry): Hell Freezes Over: NVIDIA Announces Native SLI Support for the Intel X58 Chipset

I know, my Blog has long gone to "rest", but this news made me post again, talk about being a Fanboy *yikes*. Anyway on with the news, if there's anything Intel has been missing on for quite some time in the Chipset-GPU support arena, it is the lack of native support of SLI on Intel-branded-chipset. Since the first release of PCIe way back the i915 series (Grantsdale), it has always been clamored and requested by Intel users: fanboys or normal users alike.

There has been earlier attempts on i915P thru some "rare" products such as the Albatron Mars PX915SLI, but for some weird reason, after some time, SLI support has gone "poof". Also for those hardcore Intel fanboys, they will recall that first ever SLI was indeed supported on Intel E7525 (Tumwater???) platform even before the word SLI became a household name among the techies. Later on, a few "hacked" drivers were released to support the later series of chipsets but soon, these hacked drivers became unpopular specially when "FM Approved" drivers became the norm, diminishing the results obtained from hacked drivers.

But alas, all is not lost, Skulltrail platform has been introduced. However, like the earlier SLI support, the D5400XS is based on a pricey server chipset with dual CPU slot and so adoption isn't as "common".

Hmm, I guess it's a bit of a mouthful introduction. Anyway, there are a few articles now floating on the web and I happen to grab this one from AMDTech (oops, Anandtech I mean):

Of course NVIDIA would wait until I physically left NVISION 08 to actually make an interesting announcement, but there’s no bitterness, I swear :)

The big, no, huge news from today? NVIDIA is enabling native support for 2 and 3-way SLI on Intel X58 based motherboards...without the use of any nForce 200 chips


Friday, January 11, 2008


The EndAs much as I would like to add and put more wordings into my farewell, all I really wanted to say is "Thank You" for visiting the site and for making this part of your daily stop.

I decided to close my Blog, as I see no point. Intel has clearly won, and there's no stopping. The barage of new products to come is just too great, I doubt competition has anything in reserve, at least for now, to combat Intel in the performance arena. I thought A* will come back last October'07, but it was a major dissapointment not to see anything good came out from them after major delays, promises, and more delays.

Who knows, maybe I'll be back if I competition heats up again, but for now, it's boring, rather lonely, to be at the top of the heap.

I will still be a CPU enthusiasts, as always, a techie guy. I'll be up to date, on what's the latest and greatest. And so for now, I bid you all farewell, and thanks again for visiting the site.