Monday, January 16, 2006

Tech Link(Industry): Apple® is in Intel® Blue Mood

What’s an Intel chip doing in a Mac?”, Apple® boldly states in their website. A clear and undoubtedly announcing that a new Intel®-based Mac* is here to stay. This advertising emphasized that rivalry between PC and Mac* has come to an end, bridging the gap between the nice and mass market.

"Wishes do come true", Apple® presents a new notebook, Apple* MacBook*, with 4x the muscle power compared to the previous offerings. The new notebook boasts of leading-edge specs and features:
  • 1.67GHz Intel Core Duo and 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo

  • 667Megahertz Front Side Bus

  • PCI Express

  • ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics card

  • Built-in iSight* video camera

  • Up to 100GB SATA Drive

  • A remote control device for presentations

  • Slot-type SuperDrive* DVD±RW/CD-RW optical drive

  • Illuminated keyboard

  • Built-in AirPort* Express* 802.11g Wi-Fi

  • Built-in microphone and stereo speakers

  • Display that is 67 percent brighter

"2x faster. Twice as amazing.", Apple* also released a new desktop flavor, that is really sexy. The flashy monitor integrates all that is needed for an iMac*. The design ensures that the work area is free from any bluky clutter save for the needed mouse and keyboard input devices. An Intel® Core™ Duo with upto 2.0Ghz powers this new sexy babe and can accomodate up to 250GB of hard disk storage, and if I read the fine prints correctly, has almost the same features as the notebook cousin.


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