Sunday, January 01, 2006

Article: Various Bits and Info about Intel's Next Generation uArchitecture

I figure it's a nice new entry for the blog, to have some info about Intel's upcoming microprocessor technology. I will try to share some bits of info I know about this technology and the processors that will be based on this.

Intel will be launching a series of processors based in the new uArchitecture. The new architecture, as seen here and here , is based on a combination of Netburst, Banias and New Innovation.

The desktop incarnation of the processor will be called Conroe. It will be using the LGA775 interface, and will be partnered with the upcoming i965 chipset. The processor will also sport a ~65w TDP, a 4MB cache, which is split into 2MB per core, based in 65nm, and is 64bit capable. Conroe is targetted for release on the 2nd half of 2006 (yep, this year), and will marketed to work within the Digital Home platform (Bridge Creek) and Digital Office platform (Averill). It is also expected for Conroe to have multiple "L2 cache flavors", while it's known to have 4MB, other versions of desktop CPU, like mainstream and extreme edition will have varying amount of cache.

Next, Merom chip is the mobile version of the Conroe processor. This processor is planned to work within the Napa platform. Napa platform is the next generation Centrino. This platform is slated to be released early part of 2006. Napa (which Meron is a component) will replace Sonoma, a Centrino platform that supports the current Dothan/133Mhz + i915 Mobile chipset + Intep PRO/Wireless abg. Sonoma is also the first platform that supports DDR2 on the mobile front with faster 533Mhz FSB, PCI Express, HD Audio and SATA, and Napa will expand on Sonoma's features by adding Yonah that supports Dual Core processor for the mobile products.

While Yonah will be under Napa, Merom is also slated to be used under the same platform name. Napa platform will be based on the following components: Yonah processor, Calistoga chipset, and Golan which is the wifi portion of the platform. Yonah will still be based on the current Pentium M uArchitecture, while Merom will be the incarnation of CPU based on the new uArchitecture.

Finally, on the server side, Intel will be releasing Woodcrest which is slated for the Bensley and Glidewell platform. Woodcrest is the server edition of Merom and Conroe, and again, will also feature a great performance/watt capability. Woodcrest will also feature multiple L2 cache flavor, and can run either in Dual Processor or Multi-processor support. Intel claims 40% reduction in TDP, which will significantly improve thermals, acoustics, and power consumption. Bensley platform is slated for introduction on early 2006. Woodcrest is targetted to be expanded in the later CPU development called Whitefield, with which, as of the time of this wrting, will have four(4) cores. Woodcrest will also be dual core, as in the case of Conroe and Merom.

Phew, that's a mouthful =)..hope everyone have a great new year!!! And let's all look forward for the January 05, 2006 (or is it January 06, 2006) for some cool announcements. As for me, my D975XBX shipment was delayed, I'm going to get it this week though for some Cedarmill and Presler loving =)...

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