Thursday, January 26, 2006

Rant: Intel D975XBX: Intel brings their Bad-Axe to Market

Oh brother, AMDTech beat me to posting a review about this board. Bah, mine was supposed to have arrived on the 5th of January, but the shipping got messed up and all these custom duties and all have sent me to a very long intermittent calls here and there and everywhere.

Anyway, I have been touting the coming of Bad Axe ever since I have gotten a taste of its power with my engineering sample. Too bad, my ES board suffered a very early death since I accidentaly spill coffee all over it and sent it to hardware heaven. No RMA for the said board, ES don't qualify for that, ES is like you use it and then destroy it. In the case of my sample, it died prematurely after a week's use. Darn, if only I am more careful. Anyway, I actually placed an order for retail board and it was supposed to arrive early first week, but drats, problem appears when you least expect it.

Anyway, AMDTech reviewed it already. Well, it's not that it's the first review, in fact, I've seen other reviews of this particular board already. It's just that, well, knowing it's AMDTech, they often always never fail to screw things up like what I discussed in one of my previous Blog entry here.

Well, crap comes to crap, I'll just post an excerpt of their review here (and check out the other related links).
The Intel D975XBX is an interesting solution for the Intel Enthusiast at this time. The performance of the board was average or below in all testing phases while stability was superb. In fact, unless we were overclocking the board past its obvious limits, we never experienced any stability issues. Unlike other boards reviewed recently, we did not find any test issues with our peripheral inventory. The Intel D975XBX exemplifies Intel's trend of offering very stable and secure board solutions with excellent documentation and support.


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