Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Brag: First Month Anniversary is Nigh

Well, I can't believe I am going to make it to my first month. I never really planned to post at this Blog beyond the first week of January 2006. My purpose was to post updates regarding new product launches that will come from our FanBoy source. The first week of my posting was not only hectic, I need to be accurate and at the same time, not to spill too much info, I still need to maintain confidentiality.

And when the first of January 2006 has come and gone, I decided not to update the site as much as I did during the first week. But I got a few PMs (to be honest, just five(5)) to continue posting news bits and related information. I figure, I'll add a ShoutBox and enable comments so I can just basically get in touch with readers via these means (which, unfortunately, very few used). Well, not to be discouraged, the site is still getting hits, and this is what I really would like to brag about. But, I'll spill the info once I reach my first month anniversary two days from now!

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