Friday, December 01, 2006

Article: Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme QX6700 Preview (World's Best Gaming Processor Just Got Better)

I finally managed to edit the article and before I forgot to post it up, I am posting it now rather than later. Sorry for the typo, and some repeat info. If you would like to go to the benchmarks, then skip two pages.

In any case, I just want to say that this processor is really the cream of the crop. Others will begin to ask, how this processor is positioned against the dual core Conroe Extreme. Well, it's easy, really. Conroe Extreme is geared for the best gaming experience available today, that isn't really taking advantage of dual cores (more so for quad cores). The Conroe Extreme has more clock speed so game benchmarks and FPS should be alot better than Kentsfield Extreme. But if you would like to get gaming + heavy multi tasking, then you can always go for Kentsfield.

And oh, if you're a "megatasker" like what AMD would like you to believe they are positioning their Quad FX aka 4x4, then it's better to go for dual socket Clovertown since 8 cores will definitely be better and with FBDIMM, you're going to be assured of data accuracy across all your running applications. But I am going way off topic, for now, here's my own Kentsfield Extreme preview.

The Intel?Core?2 Extreme QX6700 Processor is currently the only desktop processor that features a total of four cores. The processor boasts of superb multi-threading support backed up by the already establised "core" uA. This processor have lower clockspeed than the earlier released Intel Core 2 X6800 by as much as 266MHz. It will be interesting to pit the two against each other and see how and where the new champion from Chipzilla excels.

A word of caution for the ambitious though, this processor is definitely not for everyone and is only targetted for those who have heart and soul to pour in addition to a lot of money. The processor doesn't come cheap, and it's far from being mainstream and it should because this is the first time, in the history of computing, that four cores has come to the desktop.

Source:Article: Intel?Core?2 Extreme QX6700 Preview (World's Best Gaming Processor Just Got Better)

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