Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tech Link (Game): SC2 on June 11?

You know how it is for Fanboys, we get excited for anything and everything related to the things we love. So apparently, a German site found out something about the release date of Starcraft II. Of course, me being not included with CB (Close Beta) is really gearing up for this game. After all, the last Blizzard I played is Warcraft III (yeah, I played WoW but I never got past the free trial days). Expand to read on more...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Misc: New Job, New Challenge

So I just accepted my new role. Techie = gone, new function will have to take over....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Brag: Intel® Xeon® Processor X5660 is my poison!

One lazy day (yesterday), I was forced to have longer time to stay in the office. Not that I like it, nor do I have an option but more so because I need to. Wifey's got to attend an event and I can choose to spend my time going with her but I rather let her enjoy her time with her friends since it's a company event. Then there's also an option for me to just go at to the movie theater while waiting for her. Or I could do some loitering around the malls. None of them really interest me, so I told wifey that I'll just stay in the office and play with the hardware.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Misc: Intel® Desktop Board DH55TC can overclock!

I was doing some trivial testing with Windows 7 with a typical Intel board (Intel® Desktop Board DH55TC) and I decided to change something in the BIOS. Something caught my eye and decided to play around with it. That something is about changing Host Clock Frequency.

I thought it's probably because my board is an engineering sample, so I never really give it much thought. I know Intel is adding overclock options, but more on their so called "Extreme Series" board. So I did a quick BIOS update, since I'm using a Beta BIOS, just to check if that BIOS option will go away. But surprise, it stuck up. So the next thing to do is to see if it works!

And another surprise, it does work. It's rather limited, but the thing is, it works!!! I will try to play around with it more and see if I can run a few benchmarks too. It's probably be interesting for those who are looking for a decently price board from Intel but still longing for overclock.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Tech Link (Gaming): STARCRAFT®II: WINGS OF LIBERTY™ COLLECTOR'S EDITION ANNOUNCED Special edition of Blizzard Entertainment

Awww, Blizzard fanboys should ready their wallet (I should)! SC2 Collector's edition is already announced, and as most of you know, Closed Beta (CB) has been running for quite some time already (unfortunately, despite my rigs awesome config, I am not selected). I can almost smell the game. Read more..

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Tech Link (Mobile): Apple's iPad - The AnandTech Review

Anandtech finally posted their very own detailed review of the iPad. In the earlier posting, you'll see a lot of fanboys complaining why iPad shouldn't be compared to a NetBook but even the top head honcho of Apple "disses" NetBook (see 1:30) and as such, I'm also convinced that iPad should be compared to NetBook since it's at the same market positioning.

Personally, NetBook can do more and perform more and be "modified" more (i.e. upgrade RAM or add more peripherals or increase HDD/SSD, etc). Of course, just like I am a FanBoy, the Apple FanBoy would flock to whatever new product is thrown at them and not because it's better but because it has "Apple" name tag in it. Now, my FanBoyism wanes in comparison to these fanatical flock of sheep.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Misc: Technical or Non-Technical, that is the question

Confused! That's one word to describe the last few days and still now. I have a chance to further my technical position or completely take a detour and leave the technical part behind (and that means death of this Blog too)....

The thing is, for the past several years, I have been doing a lot of business process re-engineering, time and motion study, process improvement, projects, developing workforce, changing how the technical team works together, on top of my "usual" technical stuff (fiddling with processors, boards, operating system, etc).

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Tech Link (Mobile): Alienware M11x: World’s Smallest Gaming Laptop

Anandtech has a new review up for a gaming laptop, dubbed as "World's Smallest Gaming" laptop. I guess it sounded like something that should go for Guinness Records only that it's less awesome-sounding. And oh, if you've been away of Anandtech for a while, don't be surprised with their new layout: gay!