Monday, January 23, 2006

Brag: I just installed a News Feed from Intel® , Apple® and Dell™

I can't really keep up posting articles from time to time, and to be honest, my bogus email that are subscribed to countless technology (actually, anything under the sun) sites are just piling up with updates. I will always have to sort thru and pick out that I feel is great for posting here, and read the article and made a short entry.

But hey, while GMail is great, my available time isn't enought to accomodate for that. So to make up for my lost time in posting news bits, I decided to install the news feeder directly to this site. I manage to have it configured and repositioned some of the items in my sidebar.

Do let me know if things get screwed up, or you are having problems loading the page i.e. too slow, bad fonts, fugly layout, etc. I checked the site using IE and FF and everything seems ok.

Anyway, back to the news feed: I only get one from our beloved Intel®, Apple®, and Dell™ as well. I might add some more news feed, or remove some later on. Till then, if you haven't seen any new blogs, just check out the news feed to get your fill of new technology newsbits.

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