Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tech Link (SFF): Shuttle*'s P2 3700 Powered by Intel® Core™2 Processors

Wohoooo, this is a great day for SFF enthusiasts, assuming you have both the $$$ and the will power to spend more than $1000 for a small form factor system. But man, this will be a total pimpage to have in LAN party. I wouldn't relegate this baby for simple digital home computing, at its price, it must be uber mobile and be brought to rock and rule the gaming world! Expand for more...

When it comes to raw power the P2 3700 has plenty of horsepower for all computing tasks. Whether you demand 3D power for the latest games or processing power for creating home videos and image editing, the P2 3700 will surely deliver. If you demand multitasking power to run multiple applications simultaneously than the P2 3700 has all the power you’ll ever you’ll ever need at the click of a button.


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