Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Brag: My Yonah...

So I figure, "I posted Merom, why not post Yonah as well?". So there, another brag post from the official FanBoy of this site, yay (many called me that in an effort to "hurt me", sadly, they failed miserably, I'm even proud to be one!). This Yonah is really a nifty processor, very very cool. Compared to Merom in terms of temperature, I really can't tell which is cooler. In terms of acoustics/fan noise, both performs equally. Performance wise, well, I guess I'll put it thru the hoops and see the difference and/or similarity.


Jercouzen said...

and we'll be awaiting those results.. hehe :)

but i think merom will get the better scores.. coz as i recall, Yonah has a 3-issue core, while Merom uses the same 4-issue core found on Conroes.. basing it solely on IPC, i'd bet on Merom.. :P

still, your tests should confirm the true victor :P

death_metal said...

Yonah shares only one common "feature" to the true "Core". As such, they are branded as "Core Duo" and Merom is under the "Core 2 Duo" (emphasis given on 2). Shared L2 cache really gives a nice boost.

I'll try to run some benchies, I don't promise any comprehensive one, but a few benchies that most are already familiar with.